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Candy Journey


糖果之旅已經來臨!使3個或更多糖果的比賽中,創建爆炸!它開始時很簡單,但事情變得越來越有趣。試試吧! 什麼是新的: • 神話般的地圖 • 更有挑戰性的水平
糖果之旅特點: • 超級漂亮的視覺效果 • 超過100個有趣的水平 • 多重目標,時間模式,移動模式 • 非常小的尺寸,但超好吃的圖形 • 甜美閃亮的糖果,非常好吃! • 排行榜看你的朋友和競爭對手!
New innovative Candy Journey has arrived! Enjoy the full candy adventure for free! Start your sweetest journey in this legendary puzzle adventure!
Candy Journey features:• Super beautiful graphics• Over 100 interesting levels• Multiple goals, time mode, move mode• Very small size but super tasty graphics• Sweet and shining candies, very delicious!• Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
What's new:• Fabulous maps added • New challenging levels added